Klier Structural Movers
18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
Your house moving and basement replacement experts.
18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
Klier Structural Movers
18456 Pitts Road
Wellington, OH  44090
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Want to see our work in person?  Take a look at what we are working on currently.  We may be in your community and you could stop by to observe us in action.  Watch the job progress and see how we work from day to day.

We have been busy!  We are in the process of putting a new basement under an existing home in Medina, OH.  We have done the excavating, knocking out holes in the foundation, placing beams and jacking it up.   Check out the pictures below.   Stay posted to watch our progress!
Hotman and Sons, Elyria, OH
August 6, 2015: We will be working with Hotman and Sons on this job. We will be jacking up a home they are working on. We lifted the home and held it in place while a new basement wall was built..
Barn Moving, Auburn, OH
June 29, 2015:  We just completed moving an unfinished barn in Auburn, OH. We jacked the barn up and skated it 10' to the new location farther from the property line.  
Basement Wall Repair, LaGrange, OH

June 11, 2015: On this job we will be doing excavating, wall repair, and water proofing. Due to improper grading of the surrounding soil, one basement wall had completely fallen in and another had cracked along one course of block. We removed the damaged areas, installed new walls and water proofed around the home including adding a proper soil grade.
Collins Structural Repairs to barn, New London, OH

May 20, 2015: We have just started a new project in New London.  We supported one corner of the barn and removed and replace the rotted sill timber. We also reset foundation blocks and poured the cores solid with concrete.