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18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
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18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
Klier Structural Movers
18456 Pitts Road
Wellington, OH  44090
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Klier Structural Movers Excess Equipment for sale

1976 FWD corp 6x6 heavy specs prime mover. Detroit Diesel, Rockwell rears, Hendrickson suspension, FWD front, 2 speed transfer case and speed trans, slowed way down, Aluminum cab, no rust. A nice older heavy work horse. Also a second truck for parts or to restore. $15,000 for both.

Many 14”, 12” and 10” wide flange beams. Up to 72’ and up to 109 lbs./ ft. Some have additional reinforcing.

1990 20,000 Taylor yardster fork lift. 15' 3 stage mast, 82" forks in good condition. $15,000.
Sullivan 195cfm air compressor. JD diesel, good tires, runs good. $3,000.

90lb jack hammer with multiple bits. $250.

30lb. jack hammer with multiple bits. $200

Several jack hammer hoses. $100.00 

Tulsa 30,000lb winch. Hydraulic drive, 3/4" cable, mounted on a semi tractor head- ache rack. $2,000.

Shop made dollies. hydraulic cylinders match to holland, steerable, oscillating. good for a back up set or some one starting out.

Two side beam rack.15', seven tier, very heavy duty, each set of arms supports 12,400 lbs., 20" between arms, includes movable concrete footer pads if desired. $5,500. 

One side beam rack.15', seven tier, very heavy duty, each set of arms supports 24,000 lbs., 20" between arms. $4,500.

Bolster, Very heavy duty, 50+ ton’s on the fifth wheel. 22’ 

Bolster, Smaller can be dropped down with a detachable goose neck.

JSJS spring return, 17”, 15 ton, jacks Some with and three with out bases. $1,000 base and jack, $650 jack only.

JSJS shorty crib jacks spring return 12" 15 ton, with out bases.

JSJS jack treaded tops $50

JSJS jack side tubes $25

High pressures hydraulic “T’s” with whips $150.

High pressures hydraulic “T’s” with one whip. $100.

25’ high pressure hoses. $65

50’ high pressure hoses $110

Barn moving/jacking brackets. bolt to the posts to attach beams to the barn posts. $25.00 each.

Barn moving/jacking cables with "double-fist" clamps. Drill holes in posts to cable beams to the posts. Enough to move a 80’ barn. $100.00

4" 13lb.x 4' jacking beams. Used to support crib jacks in the cribs. $30.00 each.

2 snatch blocks, very heavy for 1”cable, 1 1/2” center pin, 15” dia. $200.00 each.

2 Clevis's 1 1/2" pins x 2 1/8”, 2 1/2” $35.00 

Rail road jacks: Iron," 18”, 15 ton, mod. 217. $100.00 each.

Assorted screw jacks: bottle style. $35.00 each.

3” clamps, American made $40.

4” clamps American made $50

Elm wood wedges. 5 1/2"x1 3/4"x11 1/2" 

Robinair refrigerant recover/recycling machine, R12, excellent condition, $100

Ridged dies and handle. 1/4”, 3@ 3/8”, 3/4”, 2@ 1”, die handle for 1 1/4”- 2” dies. $75 for all.