Klier Structural Movers
18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
Your house moving and basement replacement experts.
18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
Klier Structural Movers
18456 Pitts Road
Wellington, OH  44090
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Want to be involved in the ultimate recycling?  Think of how many trees it takes to build a home.  The average 2000 square foot home uses 102 trees.  The average home relocated saves approximately 45 tons of debris from being piled in landfills.  Beyond recycling houses, at Klier Structural Movers, we are very catious about the amount of waste we throw away.  We are diligent to always be looking for ways to recycle and reuse. 
Save a tree, recycle a house!

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    With over 40 years of combined experience, you can be sure that Klier Structural Movers will complete every job with excellence and integrity.  We have moved houses, barns, park structures, commercial equipment, grain elevators and many other types of structures. 

    We can move anything.  However, moving houses and structures is not only a matter of physics, but also economics.  We will advise you of the most economic course of action as well. Just about anything can be moved and we are the company to do it!

    We offer a wide range of services beyond house and building moving.  We also provide house and building raising, foundation and structural repairs,adding basements under existing homes, rigging and heavy hauling, house repositioning and structural moving.  Whatever the job may be, you can be assured that it will be handled with great care and that we will keep you informed of every important step along the way.  We are dedicated to a job done with excellence and to your satisfaction.


    We are members of the International Association of Structural Movers and the Midstates House Movers Association.

    Although we will travel anywhere in Ohio and the surrounding states our primary coverage area extends from east of Toldeo to west of Youngstown and south to Columbus.