Klier Structural Movers
18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
Your house moving and basement replacement experts.
18456 Pitts Road, Wellington, OH  44090
We offer a wide range of services beyond house and building moving.  We also provide house and building raising, foundation and structural repairs,adding basements under existing homes, rigging and heavy hauling, house repositioning and structural moving.  Whatever the job may be, you can be assured that it will be handled with great care and that we will keep you informed of every important step along the way.  We are dedicated to a job done with excellence and to your satisfaction.
Basement Additions

Why add on when you can add under?  Adding a basement to an existing home is the most cost effective addition you can put on your house per square foot. FIND OUT MORE

Historical Projects

We are committed to helping to preserve history here in Northern Ohio.  To learn more about how what you can help CLICK HERE

Foundation Repairs

A house is only worth as much as the foundation it stands upon.  If you need any kind of repair done to your foundation give us a call.  READ MORE

House Repositioning

Love your lot but not the view?  Do you want to divide a large lot into two lots but your house sits in the way?  Do you need to move your building because of zoning laws or new construction?  We can help!  READ MORE


House Moving

When most people think of moving, they imagine packing up all their belongings and moving to a new house and starting over.  However, an increasing number of people are choosing to move their house, not just their belongings. LEARN MORE

Whatever the job may be, Klier Structural Movers will handle the job with great care and dedication.