Cutting a building to make it fit down the road?

Cutting a building in half? Does that even make sense to get it in between trees or poles or under wires? That is a really good question. An old house mover once told me “ You have to really like a house to cut it.” That is not always the case, but it’s still is a really good rule of thumb! `

Let’s look at some possibilities were cutting maybe the choice that you would make. The first one would be a historic structure that though there is a budget, it may not be quite as strict as would be for a house that someone was going to live in. You just want to preserve this really cool piece of history.

Another possibility might be that it is a nice newer house moving to a good neighborhood. In this case, the property values are going to be decent. You might be able to justify the expense of doing some cutting and still come out ahead economically.

The third possibility might be that the roof needs to be replaced or in the case of cutting below the roof line, like the structure pictured, the siding is also something you’re not too concerned about. In those cases cutting and then the restoration that is required afterwards may not actually be an additional expense or at least not as much of an additional expense.

No matter what situation you find yourself in make sure you have a very sharp pencil when you consider a structure that it’s just too tall or two wide to make it down the road. Unfortunately, obstructions along the path kill many of our moves. We would be glad to help you try to make these decisions.

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