Egress window in a basement wall.

Egress windows in my new or existing basement? The question comes up more often these days. With the advent of the internet, social media, and specifically Pinterest homeowners are showing their creative ideas and challenging each other to come up with better and better ever more beautiful and functional designs.

The Bilco company has been a leader in this area. You may know of Bilco for their basement entrances but they also have a complete line of Egress window wells.…ategory293/Egress_Window_Wells is a website you will want to checkout to see their products.

Another idea is to go to where you can find lots of ideas to help you make a basement bedroom by adding an egress window.

So what are other considerations you should have when you plan to make a basement bedroom by adding an egress window? Well, there are many actually that you should look into before you proceed. First is the basement in good structural condition. In other words, do you have decent ceiling height, are the walls cracked or bowed, is the floor smooth and unbroken? If not then these problems should be addressed.

Secondly is the basement dry? Again, if not then you for sure will have to address basement drainage and possibly waterproofing.

The third is HVAC, plumbing, and wiring adequate for a bedroom? This, of course, may not be in the basement but will need to be near enough to meet your needs.

Lastly is the basement laid out in such a way that you can get the window location and there for room location to be acceptable. If all of these questions can be answered to your satisfaction and within your budget then for you to make a basement bedroom by adding an egress window is probably a good idea for you.

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