Build a new basement under a slab house

Can you build a new basement under a slab house? That is a question homeowners ask often. As with most all of our projects, the answer is the most definite yes! It is not as easy and inexpensive as under a regular platform framed house but it can and is done. It all comes down to if you have a need READ MORE

Raising a house due to flooding

Sadly,  sometimes there is a need for raising a house due to flooding. It may be your reality right now. It is a tough position to be in but there is a way forward. Don’t think of it as the end but as a new beginning. There are a number of reasons why your house READ MORE

Basement entrance is a nice upgrade to your home.

A basement entrance can really change the use of your basement in a big way. You might refer to them as outside steps, a cellar entrance, or a Bilco entrance. Whatever the name a covered Bilco Perma Entrance will give you an all-weather outside cover, a set of precast concrete steps, and lastly a lockable inside insulated steel entrance READ MORE