Egress window in a basement wall.

Egress windows in my new or existing basement? The question comes up more often these days. With the advent of the internet, social media, and specifically Pinterest homeowners are showing their creative ideas and challenging each other to come up with better and better ever more beautiful and functional designs. The Bilco company has been READ MORE

underpinning a house

Underpinning a house? What is that?  Well, that is actually a good question. Underpinning a house is usually a term used by masonry contractors or basement repair contractors referring to holding a house and replacing the basement walls. The contractor will usually install post to hold the weight of one or perhaps two walls at READ MORE

historic restoration

This is an old granary we just restored. It was one of many historic restoration jobs that we have done over the years. They often involve replacing of repairing the foundation. A building is only as good as it’s foundation.  The sill or part of the structure that sits directly on the foundation is often in need of replacement or READ MORE

Adding a basement to an existing house.

A customer’s story of adding a basement to an existing house. Let’s call them the Smith family, just some folks who need additional space at their house. They looked at their options. At first, they were not considering adding a basement to an existing house. A lot of people add on they thought. In fact, some of READ MORE

Build a new basement under a slab house

Can you build a new basement under a slab house? That is a question homeowners ask often. As with most all of our projects, the answer is the most definite yes! It is not as easy and inexpensive as under a regular platform framed house but it can and is done. It all comes down to if you have a need READ MORE

Raising a house due to flooding

Sadly,  sometimes there is a need for raising a house due to flooding. It may be your reality right now. It is a tough position to be in but there is a way forward. Don’t think of it as the end but as a new beginning. There are a number of reasons why your house READ MORE

Basement entrance is a nice upgrade to your home.

A basement entrance can really change the use of your basement in a big way. You might refer to them as outside steps, a cellar entrance, or a Bilco entrance. Whatever the name a covered Bilco Perma Entrance will give you an all-weather outside cover, a set of precast concrete steps, and lastly a lockable inside insulated steel entrance READ MORE