Build a new basement under a slab house

Can you build a new basement under a slab house? That is a question homeowners ask often. As with most all of our projects, the answer is the most definite yes! It is not as easy and inexpensive as under a regular platform framed house but it can and is done. It all comes down to if you have a need for a basement? If that is the case then we can make it happen. Let look at some of the things to consider.

To build a new basement under a slab house first consider a slab is heavy and meant to sit on dirt or gravel it is more difficult to jack up. This will involve excavating underneath the slab and supporting it every 4′ with temporary steel jacking beams. Then on the other end of the project, it has to be supported with permanent beams. The additional work to jack up and the beam supports add up to several thousands of dollars. The good side of this is that you save all the flooring and finishes. The negative is that you still have a concrete slab floor. Many folks would prefer the warmth and comfort of a wood floor system.

If you are amongst that group you have the option of jacking the house walls and roof up off the slab. Once this is done the new basement is constructed a floor system is built. The new floor will be just the same as one under any new house. You will have all the benefit of a wood floor, however, all the flooring will have to be replaced.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when deciding on whether or not to build a new basement under a slab house. Please let us help you with that decision.


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